The Liberty NYC | Our Story
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Our Story

The Liberty NYC is a joint venture by Glenn and Owen Treacher. After being forced to leave their longtime neighborhood bar ,“Ship of Fools”, (due to a huge rent hike) they found the venue in the heart of Midtown Manhattan and started to plan what it was going to be. They knew that they were going to convert it into a restaurant and bar, but that is where the initial plans stopped. As they started to peel back the layers in preparation for the April 2012 opening, they found original floor tiles from the early 1900s when it was a shirt factory. This sparked Glenn’s interest in the cinema of the time period and led him to become enamored with Louise Brooks. This rabbit hole revealed the identity of what The Liberty NYC would become; a modern haven with a nod to old world glamour.

The Liberty welcomes bookings and walk-ins of all sizes. We cultivate an enormously approachable atmosphere that will guarantee you feel relaxed and at home. We love new visitors; whether you’ve been shopping nearby at Macy’s, looking for an after-work drink, or looking for an event space. You can find it here.

The Liberty NYC exemplifies both the wild spirit of the city we represent, as well as the sophistication that this metropolis has to offer. You’ll be pressed to find a more welcoming venue in The City. Call +1 212 967 4000 or email for any inquiries, and we promise we will say hello back.