The Liberty NYC | Q: What’s Better Than A Cocktail Plus Dessert? A: Them Both Combined
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Q: What’s Better Than A Cocktail Plus Dessert? A: Them Both Combined

20 Apr Q: What’s Better Than A Cocktail Plus Dessert? A: Them Both Combined

IMG_0704 That’s right, ladies and gents. Here at The Liberty NYC, we continuously strive to find ways to serve the fine inhabitants and dwellers of midtown Manhattan. They’re a beautiful bunch – forever giving our staff purpose to curate delicious cheese plates and whip up scrumptious cocktails.

Our latest initiative is something we’re very proud of, and it’s certainly not going to disappoint. If there’s anything our favorite patrons enjoy the most, it’s indulging their sweet tooth (let’s be honest – who doesn’t) after some of our delicious main courses. The only problem is (and what a problem to have) is that sometimes they want a little dessert and a beverage – something their trainers flag as a no-no.

We came up with a please-all solution: a dessert cocktail. We sacrificed ourselves for the very arduous task of taste testing many different flavors and combinations, and we’re pleased to tell you the results are very, very sweet… as seen below.

Two Vices: Contratto Fernet, Tia Maria, Heavy Cream served over crushed ice and garnished witha mint sprig
Aurora: St Germain, Green Chartreuse, Grapefruit bitters topped with Champagne and garnished with an Hibiscus flower
White Sands: El Dorado 12 yr rum, Ramazotti Amaro, Orange Brandy, Colonial bitters. Served in an absinthe washed coupe affogato style over a scoop of coconut sorbet
Pear Fizz: Zubrowka Vodka, Vanilla Liqueur, Spiced Pear, Lime, Egg White. Served on the rocks with a dusting of cinnamon
Personally, we can’t go past the White Sands with its delicious scooping of sorbet – but don’t take our word for it, come in and try your own.


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