The Liberty NYC | Iced Teas? Yes Please!
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Iced Teas? Yes Please!

12 Apr Iced Teas? Yes Please!


Although the weather in New York has been reluctant to get summer 2016 started – i.e. the abundance of winter coats in mid April – we’re hoping a little mild encouragement is all it’s going to take for sunny days to be aplenty.

The Liberty NYC is doing its bit by introducing an assortment of delicious and refreshing Iced Teas, that will be available on our menu from this week. There are plenty of┬áconnotations associated with Iced Teas, and not one negative. Think long summer nights, refreshing beverages, country clubs, cable knit sweaters – and now The Liberty NYC. What’s not to like?

Our unique combination of lemon, raspberry, orange, blueberry and vanilla teas, infused with vodka, are a simple solution for your go-to summer beverage, a decision that should not be taken lightly.

Perfect to pair with pre dinner appetizers, your main meal, or even by itself for a post-work drink, your warmer weather culinary choices are sorted. Now all we need is some sun…


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