The Liberty NYC | Cocktail Of The Week: The Pisco Cobbler
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Cocktail Of The Week: The Pisco Cobbler

29 Mar Cocktail Of The Week: The Pisco Cobbler

Boy, are we excited to be introducing you to this fruity guy. He’s been budding to be the Liberty NYC’s Cocktail Of The Week for a while now and he’s finally getting his moment. Without further ado, we’d like to announce: The Pisco Cobbler!

Often referred to as “Brandy’s South American Cousin” (by no one else than us) the hero liquor in the drink, Kappa Pisco, will have you sippin’ the spring months away.

But wait! There’s more! Also featured in this extremely refreshing, seasonally-appropriate beverage is nonino amaro, muddled lemon & orange and demerara sugar. He’s served tall, (just how you like it) on the rocks, with fruit and mint garnish. We know what you’re thinking: if that’s not Instagram worthy, what is? Nothing. That’s what. He’s the Brad Pitt of cocktails.

Mr Cobbler enjoys being sipped at a medium tempo and responds well when paired with our New York Wings or Tempura Green Beans. His dream destination is Bora Bora (ladies, it’s your lucky day) and has completed the New York City Marathon for the past seven years.

If Pisco sounds like your type of guy – he’ll be waiting for you at yep, you guessed it. The Liberty NYC.

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